Individual software solutions

YOMIL GmbH is a management consultancy and software company based in Darmstadt, Germany. We support medium-sized and large companies in overcoming the increasingly complex challenges of modern information technology. In the age of Web 2.0, all companies need to use these new sales and communication channels properly. We have many years of experience in modern information architecture and are your competent partner for successfully solving current and future challenges. Thanks to our young, innovative team, we can develop software solutions quickly and reliably and integrate them into the work process. Future-proof and always state-of-the-art.

What we offer

Web Applications
Mobile Applications
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Data Analytics
(Big Data, Relational Databases)
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Data Integration
(External Services/Systems/Devices)
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Our expertise

Architectures & Concepts
• Domain-Driven Design
#Strategic DDD #Tactical Building Patterns #SOLID #Event-Storming

• Microservices
#Event-Driven-Architectures, #Containerized Architecture

• Infrastructure Automation
#Provisioning, #Deployment, #Monitoring

• API Development
#REST, #SOAP, #Swagger
Programming/Database languages

• Java
• Javascript
• Dart
• Typescript

• Postgres
• SQL Server


• Spring Boot
• Symfony
• Flutter
• jQuery

• Bootstrap
• Tailwind
• Materialize
• Java EE / Jakarta EE


• Gradle
• Docker
• Ansible
• Gitlab (GIT & CI/CD)

• Maven
• Composer
• Google Cloud
• Kubernetes

Major Projects

Datawarehouse / EAI project in the automotive industry

• Integration of production data distributed worldwide in a common data warehouse
• Almost real-time integration of the data
• Status 2019: ~ 200 million data records from 10 production sites integrated worldwide
• Integration and transformation of different data formats
• Horizontally scalable infrastructure for future integration of additional production facilities
• Aggregation of large databases for BI and controlling purposes
• Monitoring of the entire system with JMX
• Deployment on 3 Windows servers in a cluster network
• Transformation of heterogeneous databases into a common schema
• Data masking to generate test data

LIMS system for a medium-sized biotechnology company

• Software modules for recording and monitoring the laboratory inventory, user management, customer and order processing, and a sample database
• Precise documentation of the system behavior included around 120 UI acceptance tests, 800 unit tests, and 750-page test report
• Audittrail for documentation of all actions in the system
• Development of laboratory terminals based on a Raspberry PI with touchscreen for operating various measuring devices with integration into the LIMS system
• 2-factor authentication with RFID tokens and PIN
• Identification of the entire laboratory inventory via a 6-digit ID using a barcode (QR, Code128)
• Responsive Design
• Complicated authorization system, finely granular
• Permissions for each system action

Web application for comprehensive user and system management for a large company in the chemical sector

• Comprehensive web application for managing user accounts and rights for applications in a heterogeneous system landscape
• Automatic creation/processing/deactivation of user accounts in the individual application systems
• Access controlling for entire systems
• Possibility for auditing
• Release and approval process
• Connection of legacy systems without direct system interfaces

Web application for internal/external logistics for a large company in the chemical sector

• Comprehensive web application for managing all internal/external shipments
• Intelligent warehousing
• Tour services
• User/role administration
• Audittrail
• Automatically generated statistics
• Intelligent inventories
• Connection of external systems
• SAP connection

ERP system as a web application for a company in the automotive industry

• Comprehensive web application as an ERP system for all work processes
• Order module
• Vehicle verification module
• Shipping module
• Accounting module
• Car sales
• Dealer portal
• User management
• Replacement of legacy systems

Web application & app for a company in the healthcare industry

• The software solution is used to manage patients' implants as a doctor. They use a web application for this. The patients can manage their implants in an IOS or Android application.
• Audittrail modules
• Multi-tenant system
• Security modules
• Data encryption
• Firedbird integration
• Google Cloud

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