CRM & Customer Engagement

We build front-line B2B and B2C solutions set to reinvent customer service, increase the number of sales leads and opportunities, and boost employee performance. From business analysis and CRM consulting to custom CRM development and support, we’ve got you covered.

Leverage Our CRM Software Development Expertise

We develop turnkey CRM-Solutions to cover business needs across all enterprise areas

CRM Solution to automate and improve customer management. Our service offering includes:
  1. Effective client base management
  2. Customer data aggregation from social media profiles
  3. Automatic customer request management
  4. Personalized customer support across channels
  5. Coherent loyalty strategies

We’re here to help you drive more sales. Designing challenging CRM systems for automating routine tasks like processing client requests or managing commercial offers:
  1. Advanced user role management for better team collaboration
  2. Automatic commercial offers generation
  3. Overarching invoice management

Win customer loyalty and expand your customer base through the automation of marketing strategies:
  1. Email marketing automation
  2. Marketing content personalization
  3. Advanced lead management

CRM for Logistics

CRM solutions developed for the logistics industry allow our clients to keep their customers contented and provide them with an exceptional experience. Empower your business with a robust solution with CRM development services offered by us. Thanks to CRM in Logistics you can:

  • 01./ Optimize business workflows
  • 02./ Discover customer preferences
  • 03./ Design customer service strategies
  • 04./ Understand actual and potential value of customers
  • 05./ Determine factors for customer behavior
  • 06./ Analyze customer feedback
  • 07./ Define most valuable customers

CRM In Logistics And Transportation

Take advantage of CRM development services that result in the delivery of solutions that feature everything you would expect from a modern CRM system. The most notable features of logistics and transportation CRM software include:

Whether it is a map or geographic information, or integrations with third-party platforms, we will provide you with everything you need.

We value the data and the insights it could bring, so we always make sure that our clients receive solutions that allow them to take advantage of each source of data.

Our solutions are convenient and easy to use, so you can be sure that your employees and units will operate at full capacity.

CRM for the logistics industry developed by us is always at hand and is always accessible, whenever it is needed.

Healthcare CRM Solutions

CRM systems developed by us for healthcare representatives allow you to get vital customer information and use it as efficiently and properly as possible. Thus, the CRM system permits the healthcare sector to enhance patient health levels, expand patient devotion, and retain and add some new medical services as well.


Explore patient behavior and their demands in order to build up strong relations


Patient satisfaction while helping them in proactive management of their health


Automatically regulate administration tasks in order to focus on patient needs


Reduce time spent on servicing the patients and increase operational efficiency


Rapid and effective reaction to patient inquiries


Synchronize healthcare more efficiently with group access to patient information

Expertise In CRM Development For Healthcare

We are focused on delivering quality software solutions that include everything you would expect from a modern CRM for healthcare, including:

Patient Database
Helps to gain and retain all the client-, patient- and employee-oriented information and keep it in common access for a more essential and well-coordinated client approach.
CMS & Appointment Planner
Stores important information and fixates the time and place of various medical procedures for all the patients and assists to plan further examinations and tests.
Tariff Management & Billing Systems
Allows operating and modulating the cost of medical services, as well as managing the expenses and presenting the patients with the bills.
Document Management & Activation System
Allows keeping all necessary documentation on one server for easy accessing it anytime.

CRM for Travel Industry

A Custom Relationship Management system developed for the travel industry helps concentrate services, business processes, and staff on the acquisition and retention of loyal customers by responding to their individual needs and values. Our CRM systems become a perfect solution for winning new customers and managing operations, as well as enhancing your company’s productivity. We have identified the key functionalities for a CRM solution that will simplify daily tasks, and save time and money:

Customer Database

Allows tracking available information related to a customer, PNR (Passenger Name Record), travel itinerary, pre-sales, and post-sales communication. Using it, travel agents will be able to follow customers’ needs more effectively and on time.

Multiple Agents Logins

Helps your staff members to perform their activity cohesively and join their forces, knowledge, and expertise to gain common goals, operating in a logically coordinated manner.

Data Analytics

Utilization of powerful analytical tools and sophisticated metrics due to CRM solutions helps profile and identify your highest-yielding customers as well as estimate the effectiveness of your B2B and B2C campaigns.

Help Desk Support

Is intended to provide guidance about software products and help with troubleshooting.

CRM System

Helps travel agents interact more effectively with clients, easily edit, save, or update customer-related events, managing all customer activity.

Appointment Scheduler

Records when, where and how your company communicates with a customer and helps accurately schedule bookings and orders.

Automotive CRM

We deliver personalized automotive CRM systems for OEMs, mobility services companies, dealers, and suppliers operating within the industry. Responding to the requirements arising from the complex nature of the automotive ecosystem, we develop solutions that address different spheres of activity: from manufacturing to marketing, sales, and customer relationship management. Whatever your business strategy, and no matter how ambitious is your goal — the advanced software solutions we developed are all designed to help companies in reaching new heights by leveraging the inexhaustible power of technology.

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