HRM Solutions

HR managers need to follow the latest industry trends to keep up with their standards and remain competitive. That is simply impossible without the proper HR software solutions that cover or at least help to deal with most of the needs of human resource departments. With HRM system solutions we are able to help your business to address workforce management challenges by developing, implementing, and maintaining modern software solutions for this sector.

Types Of HR Solutions

Modern recruiters utilize a set of tools in their everyday work. HRM development covers most of the major niches.

If your company is big enough, you might be in need of so-called Human Capital Management (HCM) platform that would automate HR processes for greater efficiency by keeping all the info about employees in one place. Those solutions usually combine functions of talent management software with great visibility of HR processes.
Among the key features included in such software solutions are:
  1. Dashboards with tunable notifications
  2. Workflows of all the departments
  3. Departmental communications
  4. Profiles of the employees
  5. Self-service functions for managers and their subordinates
  6. Documents tracking system
HСM software is useful for:
  1. Managing working hours and activities
  2. Time entry and productivity evaluation
  3. Workforce scheduling
  4. Workforce advanced tracking

The cost of employee disengagement is too big for enterprises. Employees don’t feel any strong connections with the company and colleagues and create a high turnover rate within the company by leaving after the first or second year of their work. To avoid it, companies have created a high demand for Workstream Communication and Collaboration (WCC) software.
A custom solution of that kind is beneficial as it:
  1. enables employees to work with digital tools that have a positive impact and create stronger job satisfaction
  2. makes employees more productive thanks to improved collaboration experience
  3. makes workers more likely to praise their company’s vision when using digital workplace technologies

Recruitment departments are in stiff competition in today’s competitive market and the professionals might need any help in searching and evaluating potential candidates.
We design recruitment software that
  1. boosts recruiter’s productivity
  2. improves social reach
  3. saves time otherwise spent on repetitive tedious tasks
  4. allows streamlining data collection from candidates
  5. allows recruiters to find overall better and more fitting candidates

You can boost performance with smart workforce planning and analytics. With the help of custom workforce planning tools, you can make faster, more informed business decisions. Insights gathered with the help of advanced analytics software help at all stages of HR department work.

Between hiring the fitting candidates, onboarding them, and on to succession planning, there are lots of processes to manage. Having the right Talent Management System can help streamline most of the HR processes.
Here are some of the ways a TMS can benefit your organization:
  1. Gather, connect, and share data to make informed, strategic business decisions
  2. Establish a strategic hiring process
  3. improve onboarding
  4. increase employee engagement
  5. set up and implement workers' development processes

HRM Solutions For Companies Of Different Sizes

Large/Medium Enterprises

Companies of all sizes struggle with such workforce challenges as developing talents, improving employee engagement, and simplifying human resources management. HR best practices and technologies can greatly help with these activities, but the upgrades of such software solutions remain a huge pain point for large enterprises.

Flexible custom HRM solutions by us might be just the right answer for your enterprise, as we are not afraid of challenges, and offer the full spectrum of HR development services to companies of all sizes.

Smaller-Sized Companies

Smaller companies (under 100 employees) would benefit from affordable, easy-to-implement, secure, and insightful software working to improve recruitment processes and establish great talent management within the organization. Custom human resource management systems developed by us are all designed to provide the above-mentioned benefits.

What are we offering

The wide spectrum of HRM software services that are developed by us:

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