Infrastructure Management

We can provide a full spectrum of infrastructure management services that help our clients to become more flexible and service-oriented, achieve greater security, and deliver unified experiences to end customers with the help of new technologies, methodologies, and tools.

IT Infrastructure Management Services

Infrastructure management services we provide help businesses of all sizes to reduce the complexity of managing diverse resources. The range of services we offer includes:

Infrastructure Management consulting services are aimed at helping clients with project planning, management services as well as network design and communications services. We provide best practice recommendations to ensure our client's ability to become more agile and service-oriented.

When it comes to the process of infrastructure optimization, we can utilize the four-step methodology that includes such steps as a simplification of the client's existing system, increased utilization with a decreased number of servers, simplification of the network cabling infrastructure, and, finally, automation of processes.

Knowing that one of the crucial steps for setting up competitive, modern, and client-oriented services is the transformation of legacy systems, we take advantage of their proven expertise to provide clients with more trusted, flexible, and secure solutions. Whether it is migration to the cloud or edge computing — we got you covered.

We can review the code of applications to determine whether our clients’ solutions work as they are supposed to in the existing infrastructure. To provide our clients with the ability to get the most out of using their IT solutions, we pinpoint the weakest spots or any other problematic issues, provide instructions on how to avoid them, and make some changes to the code if needed.

We offer data loss prevention (DLP) services with the aim to help our clients in protecting their sensitive data against unauthorized access, use, sharing, or other egresses. The services we offer ensure our client's ability to keep up to date with any potential threats and incidents.

To provide businesses of our clients with scalability, we offer cloud infrastructure management services that enable consolidation of IT resources and multi-user access to data with the ability to securely share it. Whether you are interested in cloud infrastructure design and development, administration and maintenance, or hybrid cloud integration — we are here to let you reap all the benefits from it.

Our Expertise in Infrastructure Management

System Management

The service is one of three infrastructure management solutions that cover the administration of all IT assets existing within a data center of our clients. Log management, workload automation, configuration management, and the integration of cloud-based applications and services — everything is included. We pay a lot of attention to security issues, applying our expertise in intrusion detection and prevention, as well as security information and event management.

Network Management

Our IT security and operations analysts professionally manage and configure networks, ensuring everything is in the right place and works properly: resources, applications, and services. We also develop network management solutions that monitor and analyze performance, detect devices to ensure they are recognized and configured correctly, and enable notifications that alert administrators about any

Storage Management

Storage management services are made up of data compression and automatic storage provisioning, automation and virtualization techniques, data replication, mirroring, and security — all aimed at optimizing and improving the performance of storage devices.

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