LIMS Solutions

A LIMS is designed to facilitate the organization and workflow of laboratories. The software-based solution utilizes a central database of samples that brings together all results, instruments, and metadata. This ensures that the workflow and data tracing in the laboratory remain efficient, secure, and compliant with regulations.

LIMS Solutions Key-Features

Digitization for your entire transport processes – what does that actually mean? From order placement and freight forwarder inquiry to time slot booking and driver communication, to check-in at the yard and gate assignment. All sub-processes of your deliveries can be represented automatically

Lot Management
Track the status of all batches/lots tested and where testing is occurring, from submission through to reporting
Stability Management
Highly flexible Stability Study Management capabilities coordinate and manage all related work in an entire study with one or many protocols
Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring provides flexible and reliable controls for managing sampling and testing
Instrument Interfacing
We provide highly flexible capabilities for instrument interfacing, instrument file parsing, web services, and more.
Workflows & Dashboards
User dashboards are used to provide a display of key process indicators in a variety of graphical and tabular formats.
Inventory Management
Track quantity, location, expiry date, and vendor information for laboratory items such as chemicals and consumables.
Stakeholder Portals
Provide web portal access to projects, orders, test statuses, and test results for customers and other external stakeholders.
Data Search, Visualization & Analytics
Built-in functionality to chart and identify data trends, with statistical analysis, supporting process improvement and quality control.

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