SCM Solutions

We understand the challenges you face in Supply Chain Management and how challenging changes to complex structures appear. With us, you have a partner who can develop your value creation structures into a real competitive solution: We identify the status quo of your supply chain and establish detailed measures to improve the individual planning tasks

Benefits of SCM Solutions

Digitization for your entire transport processes – what does that actually mean? From order placement and freight forwarder inquiry to time slot booking and driver communication, to check-in at the yard and gate assignment. All sub-processes of your deliveries can be represented automatically

Notification | Time Slot Management
  1. Logistic transactions and easy data transfer between suppliers, forwarders, and producers
  2. Planning of multiple yard movements even before check-in
  3. Time window planning (slot booking) by forwarder itself
Check In | Registration | Legitimation
  1. Slot booking (with check and change)
  2. Check-in function by the drivers themselves
  3. Use of digital driver badges & QR codes
  4. Display of instructions to the driving personnel
Navigation | Retrieval | Assignment
  1. Navigation and control of trucks in the yard through real-time tracking
  2. Display of instructions on smartphones, pagers, or outdoor LED displays
Loading / unloading | load securing
  1. Synchronization with existing warehouse software systems
  2. Digitized loading point assignment
Check Out | Document Output
  1. Self Check-In by the driving personnel
  2. Data entry & validation
  3. Recognition and validation of license plates, containers, and wagon numbers

Why do you need a SCM-Solution

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