Cloud Architecture

Keeping track of the latest shifts in the world market, we offer cloud computing development services to companies willing to optimize costs, increase competitiveness, achieve faster time to market, and ensure the ability to implement such trendy next-generation solutions as IoT and chatbots into their business strategies. Our solutions ensure the ability of our clients to capture the revenue opportunities of the future and enjoy all the cloud computing advantages.

Addressing the modern requirements for tooling-focused cloud application development, we deliver SaaS solutions that have a high strategic value to our clients, enabling reduced time of development, providing a diverse set of resources readily available to address the varied demands of different users, increasing employee engagement, and making it easier to deliver the necessary features and functionality to end-users.

We develop and meticulously test both cloud-ready and cloud-centric applications, ensuring at every step that a solution developed fully corresponds to the modern requirements for a quality cloud-based app. Whether it is CMS, ERP, LIMS, etc., we make it flexible, scalable, easily maintainable, accessible, and secure. Besides, each solution is packed with all features working for our clients’ successful performance, including advanced analytic tools, smart chatbots, voice recognition — whatever is required.

Whether is a migration of your legacy system, CRM, ERP, etc. into a GCP, AWS, or Azure cloud platform or real-time integration with required data sources, we always ensure the preservation of your data integrity. Having rich experience in providing cloud migration and integration services, we offer anything from assessing, re-engineering, and upgrading our clients’ applications to their migration and porting.

From consultations on which apps should migrate first and which to leave on-premises to pre-planning of migration and choosing a SaaS deployment model — we got you covered. With lots of successful migrations, integrations, and developed cloud-based apps in our portfolio, we easily identify all possible pitfalls of moving to the cloud, turning their experience into an enabler of well-planned and smooth migrations and integrations.

Leveraging our expertise in providing security services, we help clients to ensure the security of their cloud-based solutions by identifying all possible threats and risks. Along with applying an application-centric approach to the prevention and detection of threats, we put a great emphasis on remediation. Also, we always make sure our clients have a clear picture of their ongoing security posture, in this way increasing the protection against security breaches.

Services We Offer

We provide a range of cloud application services to clients from different industries. Backed by years of experience, we offer our deep expertise in the following areas:

Deployments Models

We strongly believe that when it comes to cloud computing services, there is no “one size fits all” solution. For this reason, we practice a customized approach, addressing the unique computing and data storage requirements of each client. We offer our clients to choose between the following deployment models:

Public Cloud

We consider public clouds to be the best pick in cases when:

  1. A company is facing a short-term need for a solution capable of meeting large resource requirements
  2. Resource requirements are likely to evolve
  3. A solution is required to be highly scalable
Private Cloud

We suggest choosing a private cloud when:

  1. A client needs an application for data management, including analytic solutions and virtual desktops
  2. Sharing of data with third parties is supposed to take place exactly in the private cloud
  3. A solution will utilize sensitive data that requires a high level of security
Hybrid Cloud

We consider hybrid clouds as the best option for:

  1. Medium-size businesses and enterprises, and some small businesses, are expecting large growth in the nearest future
  2. Clients who are ready to provide resources, either in-house or outsourced, for IT support
  3. Businesses with large data usage and high-security needs

Cloud Solutions in Industries

Our deep expertise in cloud app development was formed due to our teams' involvement in a great variety of projects. Although the cloud solutions we deliver to our clients are not limited by some specific areas, they have the greatest impact on:

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