Custom Software Development

For many years we have been delivering software solutions for businesses that operate across various countries & industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, retail, education, and many others. Solutions developed by us allow both B2B- and B2C-focused clients to scale up their business performance, increase employee engagement, improve reporting and decision-making, and get a competitive advantage in the market.

Services We Offer

Having experienced software developers on board, we create custom feature-packed applications that address the key challenges our clients are facing. Services we provide fall into the following categories:

Web Development

From SPA to PWA and complex web portals, we got you covered. By thoroughly analyzing the needs of each of our clients, we design and build solutions that attract new customers and increase employee engagement. We achieve it with user-friendly UI and well-thought-out UX, as well as provide a pack of advanced features aimed at facilitating various business processes, from automated report creation to business intelligence.

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Mobile App Development

We build mobile apps that work smoothly across all the major platforms, on smartphones and tablets alike. Our mobile developers ensure the ability of our clients to take advantage of such trendy technologies. Whether it is CRM, ERP, HRM, etc. — we make it easily accessible, highly responsive, robust, and secure.

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Cloud Development

Putting a great emphasis on tooling-focused cloud application development, we deliver cloud solutions that have a high strategic value to our clients. Featuring a complete set of resources readily available to address the demands of both employees and end-users, our applications allow for optimizing costs, increasing competitiveness, achieving faster time to market, and opening up space for such innovations as chatbots for customer support.

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We offer DevOps services to clients willing to cut the development time and ensure stability for operating environments. Whether on planned or unplanned demand, our clients can take advantage of our expertise in CI/CT/CD, containerization and orchestration, business continuity and disaster recovery, and other DevOps services — all performed with a sharp focus on the individual needs of our clients and specificities of their systems.

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Industry-Minded Solutions

Melded with the business practices of our clients, custom solutions created by us can be used in every industry. Here are some examples of what we have on offer:

Retail & E-Commerce

Advanced platforms offering an outstanding, personalized shopping experience with the latest tech trends and frameworks.


Solutions for inter-organizational and customer relationships management, and educational applications based on the latest technological trends.


Stable, secure, feature-packed CRM and ERP applications offering a range of tools for improved analytics and effective management.


Medical portals, healthcare mobile, and IoT apps take advantage of chatbots for patient support and offer a high level of security.


ERP, CRM, and other solutions aimed at improving both internal and external business management processes.


E-learning portals offer everything from educational games to learning assistants.


A unique experience, personalized services with advanced analytics, and increased efficiency with CRM and ERP.

Real Estate

Advanced, feature-packed CRMs and ERPs with important integrations and top-notch analytics tools.


LIMS Solutions facilitates the organization and workflow of laboratories, utilizing a central database of samples that brings together all results.

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