Business Analysis

We are a software development company that provides a full spectrum of development services which generally start with business analysis. It means that we identify business objectives for each solution, and, serving as a channel of communication, ensure an efficient development process that results in the delivery of a product that completely goes in line with our client’s business objectives and expectations.

Leverage Our BA Expertise

Many years in development have resulted in a well-established process of business analysis we apply to new and in-development projects. Full-cycle BA services we offer include:

Assessment Of Existing Requirements

We analyze business requirements and validate them together with your product owner and business users. We verify the consistency of detailed project requirements with high-level business needs. This results in a common synchronized view by all project stakeholders involved and provides a 'single version of the truth' for further process.

Setting Requirements

Having collected and assessed all available requirements we capture existing gaps and fill them with necessary additional descriptions. This way we ensure the stability and feasibility of further project activities.

Prototyping And Visual Models Creation

Our BA specialists simplify complex concepts to make them clear to all stakeholders, as well as prototype visual models to provide our clients with a vivid image of their future products or service.

Preparation Of Documentation

When it comes to final documentation, we provide you with all necessary artifacts, including but not limited to business and technical requirements, functional and non-functional requirements, product and ‘sprint’ feature backlogs, visual models, user manuals with detailed instructions, as well as with explicit structured and unstructured diagrams.

Product Requirement Management & Test Management

We set up a process to manage all requirement changes throughout the process of development and beyond. We run regular sessions for the discovery and investigation of detailed requirements.

Product Quality Assessment

In addition to implementation, we also measure the success of the project, thus ensuring it goes in line with initial business objectives, is properly tested, and is ready to work for our client’s business success.

Benefits Of BA For Business

Here are the main benefits BA services provided by us bring to the business:

Goal-Oriented Solutions

Thanks to the analytical work done by our business analysts, client companies get a solution precisely tailored to their business objectives.

Top-Notch Communications

When you involve a business analyst you ensure smooth communication "with one common language" among project teams during the entire project lifecycle.

After Release Control

When your product is released, our Business Analyst will make sure that it fully corresponds to the initial purpose and works as smoothly and efficiently as you desired.

BA For Different Project Methodologies

Our rich experience of successful delivery to a wide variety of clients guarantees necessary flexibility for your project. Our business analysts operate in projects with different methodologies from pure agile to fixed waterfall, letting you choose the right one according to your project's needs.

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