Support & Maintenance

In addition to developing robust, feature-packed solutions, we offer expertise in providing a full spectrum of software support & maintenance services. Backed by years of experience and our satisfied clients, we ensure security, efficient performance, and fault-free operation for the software solutions of our clients.

Maintenance & Support Services We Offer

We offer support and maintenance services that help our clients reduce software TCO, ensure every single unit and module's availability, and achieve the overall smooth operation of their IT-Infrastructures.

Pre-Support Audit

For clients willing to outsource support services, we offer independent audit that defines whether a software solution is ready to be taken over by a third-party support team. The service implies that our clients will receive a document with detailed project status assessments and recommendations on improvements

Pre-Support Optimization

In case a software solution needs some improvements before being transferred to a third-party support team, our developers will go the extra mile to ensure its modernity and conformity to requirements. We offer pre-support software optimization for clients willing to reduce future support expenses.

System Monitoring

We offer monitoring of your software solution with timely alerting, guaranteeing its stable and efficient performance. The service covers everything from application and server monitoring to network and event log management, followed by backup & recovery measures when needed.


DevOps services we offer are designed for clients willing to reduce the cost of their product development, automate its delivery process and infrastructure changes, and enjoy higher security along with effective testing and maintenance. The service covers everything from continuous testing & monitoring to continuous feedback & optimization.

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Maintenance Expertise

Maintenance services provided by us mean that we will take complete care of your application’s IT-Infrastructure. From the overall project health checkup to incident management, migration services, upgrades to the system, and system restoration, we have got you covered.

Perfective Maintenance

Ensuring our clients' ability to adapt to constantly evolving user requirements, we offer perfective maintenance services. This implies enhancements to the efficiency of the software code and adding any functions required for our clients’ successful business performance.

Adaptive Maintenance

To achieve perfect synergy between all parts of the application and its components, we offer adaptive maintenance services. No matter what factors are influencing the system, we will make sure it is accommodating the new environment.

Preventive Maintenance

Placing great emphasis on the importance of error-free software performance, we implement preventive maintenance measures. These include updates to the documentation, code optimization, and code restructuring.

Corrective Maintenance

Whether on planned or unplanned demand, we offer corrective maintenance services aimed at eliminating all software errors and faults. In this way, we ensure a perfect interaction between your software’s design, logic, and code.

Support Expertise

We offer full-cycle support services that effectively eliminate all kinds of software problems, from minor ones that require instant fixes to security issues and application enhancements. Our three-level support services are:

Provided on-demand, in relation to software solutions that require immediate fixes. Include standard issue-fixing, system monitoring, data analysis, etc.

Offered to clients that suspect some problems with the software. Includes server administration, issue detection and fixing, proactive monitoring, etc.

Offered when expert-level troubleshooting is required. Includes elimination of the source code defects, application code optimization, improvements to the system, etc.

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